40ft RF High-Cube Container

Reefer high cube containers are special containers that are similar in structure to refrigerated containers, but are higher. They are used for transporting temperature-sensitive products, but are particularly suitable for voluminous goods with excess height.

Thanks to their increased internal height, reefer high-cube containers can hold a larger cargo volume than standard containers. This makes it possible to carry more goods on a single transport unit, thus saving transport costs.
Length* Wide* Height*
Outside 12.192 mm 2.438 mm 2.895 mm
Inside 11.658 mm 2.282 mm 2.557 mm
Load capacity 26.313 kg
Volume 66.00 cbm
Door opening 2.286 mm 2.260 mm


Double wing door with 4 locking bars
Stainless steel interior trim
Wooden floor
Certified and with valid CSC plate
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